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Leven River Parks: Seven tenders open for applications

  10-Feb-2023 |   Green Action Trust

As part of the Leven River Parks project, Green Action Trust has secured Development Phase funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and is now seeking to commission a number of appropriately qualified consultants to undertake seven key pieces of work during 2023.

A key project within the wider Leven Programme, the Leven River Parks project will create an accessible, attractive and biodiverse outdoor space for the local communities of Levenmouth, as well as visitors to the area. The aim is to have six themed gardens along the river, built on areas of land that are currently abandoned or in poor condition.

Briefs can be accessed on the Green Action Trust web page.

These key pieces of work are:

1. River Parks Community Hub

A project to create a community hub structure in the River Parks area, this contract is to co-design with the community and stakeholders a multi-functional structure to RIBA stage 4.

Tender applications open until 17 March 2023.

2. Methil Mill Feasibility Study

This project is to investigate one of the many derelict Mills along the River Leven and establish if the site can be opened up for access to and interpretation of the Mill for the community and visitors.

Tender applications open until 07 March 2023.

3. Mill Lade Heritage Trail Site Investigations

A project to undertake site investigations along the potential route of a heritage trail linked to the old Kirkland Mill Lade, to establish a location and design principles.

Tender applications open until 10 March 2023.

4. Missing Heritage Research Project

This project will work alongside existing heritage and community groups in the area to research elements of “missing” heritage along the River Leven and identify opportunities for further research, activity and interpretation in the delivery phase.

Tender applications open until 09 March 2023.

5. River Leven Accessibility Enhancements

To complement the River Parks routes being created via the River Leven Connectivity Project, this project is a design and build contract for boardwalks, river edge platforms and dipping/viewing platforms to increase accessibility and enjoyment of the river.

Tender applications open until 13 March 2023.

6. River Parks Community Engagement Plan

Building on previous engagement and behaviour change work, create a plan for community engagement and empowerment for the delivery phase of the River Parks project that will be co-produced and co-delivered by the community.

Tender applications open until 15 March 2023.

7. River Parks Interpretation Masterplan

Project to create an Interpretation Masterplan for the River Parks project for installation during the delivery phase.

Tender applications to be open soon.